The Inspiralized Cookbook will be published by Clarkson Potter (Random House).

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  1. Kristine :

    do you still offer this cookbook as a PDF?

  2. Jaclyn Ash :

    So you can not get recipes as a pdf yet?

  3. What about the previously available cookbook? I had emailed long ago about how I never was allow to get the promotion on the day of the promotion and I am still interested in getting this book. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Where is the “Purchase Now” link to buy the PDF version?

  5. Anonymous :

    Hi, I just found your blog and am super excited about the recipes for my brand new spiralizer’s. I signed up and was wondering when the “,get started” guide will be sent to me. Looking forward to all the great things we’ll be making. Thanks.

  6. I really really really wish you could get the cookbook going!!!! I’d buy so many copies as gifts. I love your website and my Paderno spiralizer! Thanks for all the recipes and great tips!

  7. Gail :

    Just bought mine and am going to use it tonight first attempt!

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