Inspiralized Cookbook - Available for Preorder

The Inspiralized cookbook is now available for pre-order and will ship out March 10, 2015:

Inspiralized Cookbook - Pre-Order Now!

Inspiralized Cookbook - Pre-Order Now!

Inspiralized Cookbook - Pre-Order Now!

As a special promotion for the holidays, I am offering a printable insert to go along with your gifted Inspiralized Cookbook! All you need to do is enter your purchase order number in this form here and you will be automatically e-mailed a gift insert!

This printable is the perfect accompaniment to the spiralizer if you’re giving it as a gift this holiday season, or simply a fun way to give the Inspiralized Cookbook as a gift for any occasion! It comes with a high-res photo of the cookbook cover, so your loved ones will know exactly what else they’re receiving, along with a basic guide about spiralizing and three recipes.

Inspiralized Cookbook Cover Release and Pre-Order

After the New Year, there will be even more exciting promos for preorders. But don’t worry– if you preorder now, you will still be eligible for any offerings later on. The earlier you preorder, the better the surprises in January!

Before you go, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video I put together during my cookbook photo shoot in New York City:

Thank you in advance for pre-ordering. I can’t thank you all enough for making my dreams come true. I’m absolutely floored. Pinch me, please?


  1. Kristine :

    do you still offer this cookbook as a PDF?

  2. Jaclyn Ash :

    So you can not get recipes as a pdf yet?

  3. What about the previously available cookbook? I had emailed long ago about how I never was allow to get the promotion on the day of the promotion and I am still interested in getting this book. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Where is the “Purchase Now” link to buy the PDF version?

  5. Anonymous :

    Hi, I just found your blog and am super excited about the recipes for my brand new spiralizer’s. I signed up and was wondering when the “,get started” guide will be sent to me. Looking forward to all the great things we’ll be making. Thanks.

  6. I really really really wish you could get the cookbook going!!!! I’d buy so many copies as gifts. I love your website and my Paderno spiralizer! Thanks for all the recipes and great tips!

  7. Gail :

    Just bought mine and am going to use it tonight first attempt!

  8. Libby Page :

    I would love to get a hard copy of you a Inspiralized cookbook

  9. Candida Santiago Duetsch (Candy) :

    Love your Blog!!! Have tried so many of your spiralized recipes, my husband is loving them, and we’re eating so many more yummy vegetables!!! Thanks for your inspiration and your generosity in sharing, can’t wait to buy you cookbook (and save on printing ink and paper)!!!

  10. Gail :

    I want to receive the recipes via email also if that’s possible. Otherwise please tell me where to see them so I can enjoy my spiralizer.

  11. Anonymous :

    i already am subscribed but I dont receive any :(

  12. Anonymous :

    Is it possible to store spiralized veggies? If so, how?

  13. Edith Emmenegger :

    Hi Alissandra,
    am cooking my first spiralized meal tonight and am quite nervous to find out whether my husband will like it. I am making your Shrimps with puttanesca sauce. I love your website. Is there any way I can get the picture of the dish printed also when I print the recipe?
    Edith (in London, England)

  14. Anonymous :

    Hi Alissandra,
    you are right – he loved it. So this was the first day of our healthier lifestyle.

  15. Joan :

    Hi Ali, I am a recent fan of the Spiralizer and have been searching for recipes. Love your site and am anxious to try your recipes. Have you done anything with eggplant? I’m looking forward to trying a dish with it!

  16. Betty Bellino :

    Love your site! So informative and helpful. Your videos are super and I can’t say enough about how you present everything. So eager to buy your cookbook. When will it be out for purchase? I do have one question… I am only having one problem, and that is with the curl blade. It is so difficult to take out when I am through using it. Do you have any suggestions? The other two blades are easy to take out. The curl blade is the only one that does this. Thanks much!

  17. Marguerite Storm :

    I bought my spiralizer a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. I love your recipes too!! And here is a suggestion: how about a bunch of ‘kid friendly’ recipes for picky little eaters? My 2 year old grandson has started eating spiraled veggies because he thinks they are noodles (which they are!!). Thank you for your work!!

  18. Lindy :

    HI Ali,
    I Love your site, I have tried many of your recipes and love them. I don’t find a price on your. cookbook that is available in Marsh 2015, Lindy

  19. Lindy :

    Thanks Ali, I can hardly wait!!!

  20. Moe Van :

    I am wondering if you are using the new 4 blade spiralizer in your cookbook?

  21. Anonymous :

    I’m assuming since it’s paperback, any photos are black and white?

  22. Laura Vano :

    Oh boyyyy! So excited…just ordered mine! Now, to patiently wait! Patience…

  23. Edith :

    Dear Ali,
    will your cookbook only be available in America (Amazon). I tried to order it and with postage etc. the price was doubled. I wanted to order 3 copies of it, as I am buying spiralizers as Christmas presents.
    Hope you and all your subscribers will have a lovely Christmas.
    Edith (London, UK)

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